SEO trends to watch out for in 2023

As we approach 2023, there are several trends that are emerging in the world of SEO that you should be aware of. Here are just a few:

  1. Voice search optimisation: With the increasing popularity of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it is important for businesses to optimise their website and content for voice search. This includes using long-tail keywords and providing clear, concise information to make it easier for voice assistants to understand and provide relevant results.
  2. Mobile-first indexing: In 2023, it is expected that Google will switch to a mobile-first indexing system, meaning that the mobile version of a website will be the primary source used to determine its ranking in search results. This means that it is crucial for businesses to ensure their mobile website is optimised and user-friendly.
  3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning: As AI and machine learning continue to advance, it is expected that these technologies will play a larger role in SEO. This could include using AI to optimize content for specific keywords or analysing user behavior to improve search results.
  4. Structured data and schema markup: Using structured data and schema markup can help search engines understand the context and meaning of a website’s content, leading to improved search rankings and better display in search results.
  5. User experience: As the focus on user experience continues to grow, it is important for businesses to prioritise creating a positive experience for their website visitors. This includes things like fast loading times, easy navigation, and responsive design.
  6. Secure websites: With cybersecurity concerns on the rise, it is important for businesses to ensure their website is secure and protected. This includes using HTTPS and regularly updating security measures. Google has also stated that they will begin prioritising secure websites in their search results, making it even more crucial for businesses to prioritise website security
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