Website Speed Optimisation


Are you tired of waiting for your website to load? Are you losing potential customers due to slow loading times?

Our page speed optimisation service can help!

We are experts at improving page speed and website performance, which we achieve using a variety of techniques including optimising images, minifying code, and reducing redirects.

Our team of site speed optimisation experts will analyse your website and identify areas that need improvement, then implement the necessary changes to ensure that your website loads quickly and smoothly.

Through website speed optimisation, you can expect:

  • Faster loading times for your website
  • Improved user experience for your visitors
  • Higher search engine rankings due to faster loading times
  • Increased conversion rates and sales

WordPress site slow loading? Not only can we speed up your WordPress site but WordPress is our specialism, making our WordPress page speed optimisation service highly sought after by businesses looking to improve their WordPress site speed.

Don’t let slow loading times hold your website back. Contact us today to learn more about our page speed optimisation service and how we can make your website load faster and perform better, and find out about our wider custom website design and development services.


Hawkeye Design recently did a project to improve the speed and load time of our website, and have done a great job which was managed well - we have seen an increase in our Google rankings as a result.

- Sereno IT


Our experts have developed proven methods of improving site speed

Optimise Images

We use lossless compression to optimise your website images without sacrificing quality. We can also setup auto-compression of images you add in the future

Minify Javascript and CSS

We compress and minify all scripts and styles, minify, add expiring headers, cache your website and move styles to the page head and scripts to the footer

Eliminate Render-blocking Resources

We move JavaScript/CSS files, Font Awesome and Google Fonts code where they won’t affect the loading time of visual elements for your visitors

Leverage Browser Caching

We set up a regularly-updated saved version of your website. When people visit your site, they see a faster-loading cached version instead of having to load the entire site

Enable Compression

We enable Gzip compression from your server or from where your assets are being delivered. This means lower loading times and an overall faster website

Combine Requests

We reduce the amount of requests your website calls out for by combining all your CSS and JS and moving what we can to the footer, which all help lower load times

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading for iframes and images across your site reduces load time and bandwidth. We try not to use external JS libraries to keep the call outs to a minimum

Inline Critical CSS

We inline the most important CSS and load what’s not absolutely necessary for the visual experience after it has rendered the page to improve load times


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